Peetu S Interview

Peetu S Interview


Where are you now and what are you doing?

I am currently in Finland and spend time in the studio as much as possible. This is my 20th year as a producer, I made my first official release 20 years ago on Spinnin', and 26th as a DJ. Ongoing year is very special for me, so there is an unusual tickle in the air.

What was the biggest highlight for you in 2023?

Still, every release day and gig feels so good. I played really nice gigs, for example at Utopia 2023 in Finland. The release dates of 'You Broke Me' and 'Freedom' also felt really special.

Who are your top 3 trance producers of all time and in what ways have they inspired you?

I have to expand the question a bit, I mean musical styles. Mark Sherry is definitely one of my favorites. His production and technical skills are at such a high level that you can expect top quality from him every time. I also have to mention David Moleon. I'm a big fan of hardgroove, he's got the groove and his rhythms just make the tracks fly. My biggest idol in music is Moby. He is one of the guys whose music got me interested in producing. He's got those oldschool skills, but they're not just limited to one or two styles.

What is your favourite piece of software for music production?

I used to produce with Reason, but I've been using Cubase for about 10 years now. I found myself moving to Cubase when I always exported tracks from Reason and mixed them in Cubase. I have a very old version because I still have many unfinished projects that were started years ago. I'll probably never get rid of it... lol. But I also use the newer version. I also can't work without a good audio editor, and I use old SoundForge for that. 😁

Your message & wishes for 2024

Support your favorite artists, listen to their music, maybe buy a track or two if possible and come see us at gigs. In addition to ourselves, we are here for you guys. Also, it would be great if you find time for a little research. There are really nice and talented "unknown" artists in the world who deserve to be heard. Thank you so much for your support, it means the world to me. Have an awesome year, hope to see you at the gigs! 😉