Hell Driver Interview

Hell Driver Interview


How long have you been  producing for and who inspires you?

I produce since 6 years I have lot of influence like : The Prodigy / Alex Di Stefano / Spektre / Carl Cox / Stephan Bodzin / Anthony Rother / Kavinsky / Cirez D / Paul Kalkbrenner ...


What is has been your favorite release so far and why?

I think my favorite Release is Red Flag on Funk N Deep because the melody and Dark Beat stay in Head every time I like lot of things on this track ...

Any production tips you can share with us or advice for beginners?

Work Hard lol ...I think listening lot of different music and building great musical culture

What would be your dream DJ gig and why?

Wow I have lot of Dreams maybe have gigs with my influence behind à crazy crowd :) because i like playing Banger music and see People dancing jumping on the beats... and discover new production for others Techno lovers

Have you always produced hard techno or did you start off with another style?

With my old name I have start with Minimal / Tech House / Électro ... but with Hell Driver Techno / Techno Progressive / Dark Techno