Darmec Interview

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Where are you now and what are you doing?

In the studio working on a remix & doing some preparation for my label launch

What's been the biggest highlight for you in 2016?

It would have to be playing in Amsterdam at Sugarfactory at the start of the year.. the venue and the energy of the crowd was incredible.

Has techno always been your passion and favorite type of dance music, or were you a fan of some other genres in the beginning?

I discovered house and minimal first, and loved the darker beats which inevitably led me to techno - I have been hooked ever since. Although you could trace my love of repetitive beats way back to my first Casio keyboard!

The techno scene is one of the hardest to break into, but you are certainly making a name for yourself at the moment. What advice can you give newbie techno producers to help them stand out amongst the ever increasing crowd?

It is certainly a difficult one to crack, but if you have the talent then you will begin to stand out if you keep working at it.  The advice I would give would be to keep putting yourself out there, be prepared for rejection and use it as motivation to improve.  The music will speak for itself and in time you will be recognised for your work.

What is your favourite piece of software for music production?

At the moment I am enjoying using the plugin 'Sylenth1' which has endless possibilities to create unique sounds.

How do you start off when you are producing a track? Do you start with the kick, bass and groove? Melodies? Sourcing samples? Something else?

I usually start a track with a kick & bass pattern and build other elements around it, but sometimes it is nice to find a good vocal / melodic hook that takes the track down its own path.

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