Systembreaker Interview

Systembreaker Interview


Where are you now and what are you doing?

Well right now, I’m sat here answering these questions, ofc 😝

But….. that happens to be in my studio. I’ve been firing on all cylinders in here with about 3 or 4 different Systembreaker projects on the cook. I can’t ever seem to just do one track, I’m always flitting between them, doing a bit here and there on each of them. Probably not the most productive or methodical method to getting stuff finished but it’s the way it works out for me.

What was the biggest highlight for you in 2023?

Kosmos Festival in Finland was a huge gig highlight. That festival is insane and to take the Systembreaker sound over there and spin on the Levitation Station stage as the forest got dark and all the illuminations and decor starting glowing fluorescent was amazing. What an amazing crowd too. It’s a crazy festival and well worth checking out. Shout out to all my Finnish brothers and sisters and to Decion and the FINRG crew for hosting me!

Who are your top 3 trance producers of all time and in what ways have they inspired you?

Man that’s a tough question to answer. I suppose if I break it into two parts it’s marginally easier. For getting inspired with modern/current trends I always reach to listen to either a Mark Sherry or David Forbes DJ set. Listening to a full set by either of those guys always gets my creative juices flowing in the lab. If I’m analysing or trying to get inspired by a solo track, I’ll boot up some Scot Project. Insane production values, every time.  

But if we’re talking all time classic trance then its the obvious go -to names. Chicane stuff always gets me in a zone. Ferry’s many aliases and monster back catalogue. Matt Darey’s 90s bits, too.

What is your favourite piece of software for music production?

I like the Slate Digital subscription. It changed my view on subscription based stuff because the plugs are so good and they constantly unleash new bits.

What is coming up for Systembreaker and what are your future plans and goals?

Coming up it’s just gonna be tracks, tracks and more tracks tbh. I have a collab with a big player on the cards too, so I’m excited to see that develop.  

My other big aim is to get Systembreaker out to more gigs and parties, get the SB sound cranked loud over a big system. It helps me in the studio to see the crowd reactions in real time so I’d like some more of that, please! for bookings 😁

Oh and I might….just might…try and be a bit more active on social media too. No promises though 😂