David Forbes Interview


Where are you now and what are you doing?

As per usual I’m sitting in the studio after a long day finishing off some new projects.

What's been the biggest highlight for you in 2023?

Finishing off 2023 projects signing to Total Vision Talent was great, getting the opportunity to work with some great artists and players this year!

You are a true veteran of the dance music scene but in the last 18 months you seem to have have been absolutely churning out tech-trance bangers one after another, what has inspired this new found love for tech?

Im really enjoying writing music at the moment and i think it shows in my productions, building the studio complex was a real stressful time for me, I’m in 18 months and have some great people in the complex now so can’t wait to keep forging on, some of the new music i have coming out i think is the best material I’ve written in a long time.

You and Mark have got a lot of history together in the dance scene, can you tell us one of your most memorable performing moments?

20 years and counting Mark and myself have been friends, pretty much toured the globe with him over the years but..for me it isn’t one gig it was a tour Mark Myself and Mallorca Lee did in Australia in the mid 2000’s the Bandsaw tour where one of the gigs we headlined Sydney Superdome , a tour i don’t think will be matched and I'm sure Mark would agree it was a special 3 weeks.

Who are your top 3 trance producers of all time and why? In what ways have they inspired you?

For me Dave Parkinson is top of the tree we’ve had the pleasure of gracing each others studios and picking each others brains, Marks there too his attention to detail is fantastic, and finally the boss Paul Van Dyk i think he inspired a lot of us in the late 90’s early 2000’s….

What is your favorite piece of software for music production?

That's an easy one for me.. its a piece of equipment i truly adore and at the same time i want to set it on FIRE!! its the Virus TI, i use it in every track i do …i have an original TI bought it the day it was released and something along with my Genelec 1031A monitors i will never part with them.