Valerio Panizio Interview

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Valerio Panizio


Where are you now and what are you doing?

I'm home in Ceprano small town in central Italy near Frosinone, in the middle between Rome and Naples, reading mail and listening to music.


How long have you been producing for and who has been your main inspiration over the years?

I produce music since 2011 and I’m music listener but a techno lover. I listen all genres, so it is very difficult to summarize all the influences. I grew up listening to Metallica, Pantera and Death and when I was teenager I came closer to electronic music, listening to Kraftwerk, The Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers and Aphex Twin. I began to discover the techno & house worlds with Jeff Mills, Derrick May and Frankie Knuckles and after a while I found Richie Hawtin, Chris Liebing and Len Faki and many many others.
The biggest source of inspiration was and is definitely Cisco Ferreira aka The Advent.


What is your release schedule like for the next few months?

After my release on Techburst Records I have scheduled a track on Kombination Research in a VA with a lot of big names of the techno scene, an EP with the remix of Steve Shaden on my label CZR and some remixes on labels such as Dolma Rec and other new projects.



Describe the techno scene in Italy right now.

In Italy the techno mindset especially in my areas is still far from countries like US and Germany but we are improving, now there are some interesting clubs and festivals that try to spread good techno. Not far from my home there are clubs like Affekt, Ribbon and there is the Acuto Electronic Music Festival in which I played for some editions. In the rest of Italy there are many good and renowned clubs and events.
What certainly does not lack in Italy are the talented techno DJs and producers from which I take inspiration and I totally respect.



What DAW do you use in the studio and what are your favourite synths and plugins?

I use FL Studio, Volca Bass and Akai Mpk Mini as midi Key.
My favourite plugins are Sylenth1, Mini V, Nexus 2 and Vanguard.






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