Tempo Giusto Interview

Where are you now and what are you doing?

I am currently at home, was doing sound designing and for the city of Turku. 
How does it feel to be nominated among the leading trance artists for 'Best of Beatport 2016' 

It feels absolutely great. I have been working tremendously hard for several years without giving up my signature sound and getting recognized for that is very rewarding. I feel like I am still part of the smaller underground group of artists and nominations like these fuel us to keep going.

Since we're nearing the end of 2016, what's been the biggest highlight for you this year?
2016 has without a doubt been one of the best years I have ever had for several reasons. To name two – my music has made a bigger impact on crowds and I have had the chance to play in new countries and meet wonderful people. Secondly, I started medical studies for dentistry this year which has been in plans for many years.  

Who would you most like to collaborate with in music?
Simon Patterson, Mark Sherry, Ben Gold, Sean Tyas and Standerwick. Good and fun guys that working with would not only result in standout productions but probably also great laughs.

What is your all time favourite piece of software for music production? 
I guess I would have to say Ableton Live, it is kind of my right and suits my working style perfectly. Fast to work with, forward thinking and lets me do what I want without complications.  

What do you have coming up this year you're most excited about?

Not too much left of this year but I am looking forward to my Christmas holidays to relax and work on some original productions. Have also two gigs lined up that I am excited about and want to see how the Beatport results turn out. 

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