Richard Durand Outburst Interview


Where are you now and what are you doing?

I am in the studio today! In Amsterdam, just finish my new collab with Sied van Riel!

You took a small hiatus from your early sound but recently made a welcome return with your new label 'Reloaded' and a jaw dropping track 'Face of Chaos' - What's the story there?

Yeah I really missed the banging sound.. I love to play tec uplifting and psy trance.. so that's why I try to release as many tracks I can!

What's your all-time favouite moment from your time in the industry?

Way out west  - the fall :)

What do you have coming up this year that fans should know about?

I will try to do 24 releases on reloaded this year and also at least 12 tracks of myself will do a track with Sied van Riel in may called "Rivalla" and also a collab with Allan Morrow called "Insincere"

All time favourite tech trance track?

Mark Sherry meets Space Frog Derb - Follow Me Psyburst Mix. You can play it anywhere you want, it will work always!

What is your favourite piece of software for music production?

I work already 20 years with logic!!


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