Peter Fern Interview

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Peter Fern Interview


Where are you now and what are you doing?

Right now I´m at the gym and I´m reading these questions :P
After training I´m gonna back home, to my studio and try to create next banging techno track :)

Your sound is very dark and menacing, are you an angry person?

You surprised me with this question. Usually I´m a type of household, calm person but there is something to know if it´s going about my music. I like aggressive, dark and above all dynamic music.
And now finally I´m able to create that kind of stuff and it makes me lot of fun.

What is your release schedule like for the next few months?

Currently I´m working on new stuff for techburst label. Additionally I have to do few remixes and wait for answers from others, interesting labels. More info soon :)

How long have you been producing for and who has been your main inspiration over the years?

My adventure with music production began around 10 years ago when as DJ I had an opportunity to play at events like Love Parade, Mayday, Soundtrpolis or Global gathering. Then I felt that playing someone´s music isn´t enough for me. I wanted something more. In that way in 2007 I released my first track on techo party beats compilation. The irony is this track was more trance than techno. About my inspiration: when first time I heard Umek's album "Responding To Dynamic" I realized what kind of music I want to do.

What is the techno scene like in Poland?

I think grow stronger. More and more young producers are successful here in Poland but on world stage too, for example: Deas, Larix, Kuba Sojka. I´m also good example, my latest release at Techburst Label took high place at TOP10 Beatport. In fact we have much more techno party's in clubs and huge events like Maday, Audioriver, Sunrise etc.

What DAW do you use in the studio and what are your favourite synths and plugins?

I use Ableton with dedicated push controller. I tested many similar DAW. This one suit me the best due to the sheer number of effects with which I can create and modulate some interesting sounds. Plus I use often fabfilter stuff for mixing and izotope ozone for mastering. I make everything "all in the box"




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