Paul Denton Interview

Paul Denton Interview



Where are you now and what are you doing?

In lockdown in my studio working on new material to play in my set at Luminosity.

What do you have coming up this year that fans should know about?

Lots of new tracks coming this year including some big collabs, one again with Darren Flynn & Audrey Gallagher that I'm really excited about.
Also got a remix for Nick Callaghan out this month as well as releases on Pure Trance & Kearnage

The trance scene in Ireland seems to be really taking off again, what is the reason behind this would you say?

Yes the trance scene seems to be enjoying a huge resurgence in Ireland.
I think there is a lot younger crowd nowadays attending the gigs and listening to Trance.
Also a lot of new DJ/Producers coming through & some massive gigs with top lineups. Trance is definitely on the up!!

What made you decide to do what was originally a remix of Ton TB's 'Electronic Malfunction'?

I always loved the original Electronic Malfunction from when Tiesto used to hammer it.
I was messing around with it one day as a rework to play in my sets.
I posted a quick clip on Instagram when Mark  heard he asked me to send over a sample.
He loved it and signed to Outburst

If you could only pick one, what would you say your absolute favourite style of trance is at the moment?    

At the moment I'm loving the tech trance sound you can expect a LOT more tech stuff from me this year.

What is your favourite piece of software for music production?

Really loving U-He Diva at the minute.
The main lead in the Ton TB remix was made with that.
Really fat Bass & Lead sounds from it.



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