Maarten De Jong Interview

Maarten De Jong Interview



Where are you now and what are you up to?
I'm currently at the hotel room in Germany preparing my set for tonight at nature one!

Who are your favourite producers of the moment and why?
Stoneface and Terminal for their consistent sound and drives and James Cottle is doing a good job with his uplifting sound. Overall Sander van Doorn is still my favorite producer especially since he brought back his purple haze alias is.. And not to forget Junkie XL for his movie themes!

What do you have coming up this year that everyone should know about?
My new single on Outburst Records

Judging by your studio videos, we can tell that you really love your Virus TI synth, tell us why!
I love that one indeed, I just like to turn knobs and the virus does have some of them. I also love my moogs they are the best for baselines and weird analogue fx!

Who is your biggest inspiration?
That would be Hans Zimmer in general if we look electronic producer wise that would be Ferry Corsten and Woody van Eyden

Who would you like to collab with the most?
James Keidis or Jordan Suckley



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