Liam Melly Interview

Liam Melly


Where are you now and what are you doing?

I’m currently at home in Derry N.Ireland working on a number of new productions for 2017.  

What's been the biggest highlight for you in 2016?

My biggest highlight of 2016 would have to be launching my Flatline radio show and running club nights along side Coco&Green, we have launched our brand and are bringing some amazing trance and techno acts over to Derry in 2017.

What's the techno/trance scene like in N. Ireland just now?

The scene is really taking off atm, as I said in the last question our Coco&Green Brand are running a number of club nights in Derry and they are loving the trance and techno again.

We have nights planned for the whole 2017 so lot of exciting times ahead. It also gives me a change to showcase new material and see first hand how the crowd are reacting to the new tracks.

How did The Space Brother come about? Do you all have separate projects on the side? What do you each bring to the table musically?

Well as we all know the space brothers have been about for years and have had so many amazing tracks under there belt.

I joined the space brothers about 4 years ago and we have written some great music for armada and outburst.

At one end of the room you would have Steve and myself on logic x writing the backing track and the other end you would have Ricky writing down the vocals. we all have an equal part to play and we bounce off each other really well in the studio.

The space brothers have a lot of music in the pipeline and we will have some new stuff for release in 2017 for sure.

On the more techno/tech Trance side of things that is were I keep to my “Liam Melly” projects, I like to dive into the unknown sometimes and challenge new sounds and see how the fit into my music, its great fun.

Who would you most like to collaborate with in music?

Well my number one producer atm is Alex di Stefano, it would be an honour to collaborate with him I’m loving that blend between trance and techno also some of the more season heads like Marco V some of his new stuff is fantastic.

In saying that, Outburst have an amazing roster of djs so any one under that label would be cool to work with

What is your favorite piece of software for music production?

Logic X and Ableton 9 i used ableton to gather all I’m drum grooves then finish the tracks in logic x


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