James Kiedis - Outburst Interview

Where are you now and what are you doing?
It’s Saturday and I managed to take an afternoon off so I spent that visiting one of England’s biggest waterfall’s - High Force. It’s important to get out and clear your mind but I’m now back in the studio putting the finishing touches to a dark and energetic Tech Trance track, I’ve really enjoyed this production, it has a lot of percussion and almost a tribal feel to it so I’m looking forward to seeing the reaction it receives.
We're seeing the name James Kiedis name on more and more lineups lately. How does that feel? 
It honestly feels amazing, it’s great to be given the opportunity to play alongside top artists and at venues I could only have ever dreamt of! What I love most about it though is meeting so many people from all over the world who share such a passion for Trance.
Has it influenced what you do back in the studio?
Absolutely, in fact each and every time I play I can’t wait to get back to the studio. Sometimes it’s just the energy of an event that motivates or hearing tracks form other producers on a big sound system and thinking – I want to create something like that!!
Who would you most like to collaborate with in music?
Sean Tyas, Sied van Riel and Outburst boss Mark Sherry. Another producer who I think is doing great things and has a quality sound is Peter Steele, I’m fortunate enough to already be working on a new track with him, I can’t wait to see how that turns out.
What is your all time favourite piece of software for music production? 
I have so many go to plugins so it’s really hard to pick just one, of course I couldn’t live without my DAW - Logic Pro X. For Synthesis I love NI Massive, it has such a raw sound and is unique in what it does. Finally, without fail in every project I use various Waves products; R-compressor, H-Delay and the SSL compressor to name but a few.
What do you have coming up this year you're most excited about?
Well I’m hoping 2017 can be as productive as my debut year, I already have a number of tracks scheduled and ready to go as well as a few others near to completion! I’m also really excited to get back out on the road, it seems I’m fast making Holland my second home at the moment and with a few events already booked in I can’t wait to get back.
Thanks to Outburst for the interview and to everyone for your continued support.. it means the world!

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