Allan Morrow Interview

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Allan Morrow Interview

Where are you now and what are you doing?

Currently out for dinner with the family after a long 2 days in the studio with a client.


You're more known for a more uplifting trance sound, how does it feel to make something on a darker tip for Outburst?

Well I usually have a mix of uplifting with darker intros drops and outros etc. With this release I wanted to really strip it back to darker more unique sounds and sounds that I hadn't used before. This can be challenging at times as I still wanted to keep my signature sound. I spent most of 2016 trying out new sounds to really find out what it is that I love the most and to broaden my production skills. 


What's been the biggest highlight for you in 2016?

My biggest highlight of 2016 was definitely making my debut in Argentina. Since I started it was my dream to play there. I used to chew my family's ear off about playing there and last year I managed to tell my family it was finally happening. Very proud moment for me and the family!


Who would you most like to collaborate with in music?

In Trance it would have to be Will Atkinson. I don't think there is anyone quite as forward thinking as Will and would love to see his whole process when making a track. 

Outside of Trance it would be Deadmau5. The guy has unreal talent and know's more about production than I could ever imagine my brain being able to comprehend! 


What is your all time favourite piece of software for music production? 

Has to be Sylenth1. It was the first soft synth I bought when I started and have loved it ever since. For any new producers out there looking for their synth i would suggest this. Although it can look very overwhelming at first once you get used to it its quite simple to navigate and there are tons of preset packs out there to get you started! 


What do you have coming up in 2017 that you're most excited about?

I'm still not sure about where I want to take my music in 2017. Probably a mixture of Trance & Tech Trance whilst also still trying out new sounds and techniques. I am also wanting to release my first Techno track but want it to be right before it's heard. 

I have a lot of music nearly finished and also just waiting on some other tracks to be released. Lots to come in 2017! 

Massive thanks to everyone for the support in 2016 it was my biggest year yet and I hope this year is even bigger! 


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